SRC Arizona, LLC specializes in the collection and recycling of multiple waste streams.
To include:

  • Used oil collection and recycling
  • Used fuels collection and recycling
  • Used oil filter collection and recycling
  • Used antifreeze collection and recycling
  • New antifreeze sales
  • Oily water
  • Used oily solids disposal
  • Parts washers
  • Paint waste collection and disposal
  • Containerized waste disposal

SRC Arizona, LLC ensures that our customers' used oil products are recycled into valuable resources. SRC Arizona is a leader in the transportation and recycling of used oil waste streams. We have extensive experience in the safe movement and processing of wastes, offering complete life cycle compliance. SRC Arizona, LLC is in compliance with all applicable federal, local and state regulations. SRC Arizona, LLC has a reputation for outstanding customer service, high quality products and an impeccable safety record.

On-Specification Used Oil Fuel                         

SRC Arizona, LLC also specializes in on-specification used oil fuel that is sold to asphalt paving companies for energy recovery and also sold to refineries that manufacture new lube oils.  


SRC Arizona, LLC is based in Phoenix and has been doing business in Arizona since 2021.


SRC Arizona, LLC manifests all used oil and other waste streams that it collects. All documentation of used oil and other waste streams collected from our customers remain on file for three years. SRC Arizona, LLC also manifests all the on-specification used oil fuel that is sold for energy recovery, and a lab analysis is included with each delivery. This lab analysis is from an independent EPA approved laboratory, and certifies that all SRC Arizona, LLC on-specification used oil fuel meets EPA requirements.